plug & play USB interface with
transformer isolation for proper
and hum free audio signals from
your Mac or PC


high-end plug & play USB interface with transformer isolated AES/EBU digital output


dual channel / stereo DI box with high-end transformers for balancing or matching of instruments and stereo sources


PHONi is a preamplifier for phono/turntable playback with an equalization curve according to RIAA (DIN 45 541) in stereo version.



CoDI is a two-channel USB audio interface with balanced XLR audio outputs and a transformator isolated USB connection.



DiGI is a high-quality, two-channel USB audio interface withtransformator isolated AES/EBU digital output as an XLR connection.

Clock4Reference (preview)

High performance master clock generator for synchronizing digital audio devices.


DuDI is a classic 2-channel or stereo DI box with excellent sound properties for balancing and adapting unbalanced instruments and devices.


PHONI was developed to enable high-quality, trouble-free equalization of mobile and stationary pickups without the need for large equipment.

M/S-Matrix (preview)

Conversion of STEREO (L/R) to mid/side signal (M/S) using transformers, reversing the conversion using pressure switches…

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AUDIOWERKZEUG – at the beginning just an idea……

The idea behind the founding of the AUDIOWERKZEUG brand arose from numerous conversations with manufacturers and users. This idea was developed over a long process and finally realized. AUDIOWERKZEUG acts as an umbrella brand for innovative system solutions in the audio sector.

Our mission at AUDIOWERKZEUG is to produce high-quality audio products that have a long service life, are easy to use and are made in Germany.

The implementation of this mission has been carried out since 2024 in close collaboration between roger schult german audio lab and manikin electronic. Roger Schult brings in his many years of experience in the development of analog audio products, while manikin electronic is considered an expert in the field of digital technology. This cooperation creates innovative solutions that optimally meet the needs of our customers.

“The best part is that AUDIOWERKZEUGE makes it super easy for non-techy users to use them.”




As is so often the case, at the beginning it is just an idea that, over a long process and many discussions with manufacturers and users, ultimately leads to the founding of the AUDIOWERKZEUG brand. The basic idea behind AUDIOWERKZEUG is a kind of brand umbrella for clever system solutions and special developments from small manufacturers that have so far received little attention on the market.


Another criterion for AUDIOWERKZEUG products is a fair, balanced price/performance ratio. A difficult but not impossible project for small series production “Made in Germany”.


Audiowerkzeug is launching with six different products. These include various DI boxes, a computer interface/DI box combination, a two-channel audio interface…

We would be very happy to hear your opinions and feedback on AUDIOWERKZEUG or further product suggestions!

Get a professional AUDIOWERKZEUG today!

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